Torpio has now closed, thanks for your support over the last few years.

When we set out to build Torpio, we wanted to tackle the problem of needing to build more complex SaaS integrations that do more than transfer data from one app to another.

Whilst Torpio is capable of fulfilling that brief, it's also impossible for non-programmers to use! So we've started again with the same problem and come up with a new solution - Flow XO.

Flow XO allows you to build automated sales and marketing workflows on top of your existing cloud apps. It's also easy to use with a visual workflow designer, no code involved.

The early success of Flow XO has convinced us to focus our efforts on it going forward, and so we've decided to stop accepting new users on Torpio from 22nd January 2015 and to close the service altogether on 1st April 2015.

We'll immediately stop billing our paying customers, but all users on the Basic or Plus plans will continue with the same limits until the service closes on 1st April.

For all those users who've supported Torpio over the last 2 years, thank you. We're sorry we can't keep moving both services forward, but when pulled in every direction we stay in the same spot. We have to focus.

Torpio Users with Pipedrive Task Bot

Flow XO can handle this popular Torpio use case really well. You'll need to choose the Pipedrive > Deal Stage Updated trigger. Then, add one or more Pipedrive > Add an Activity actions. In each action, choose 'Deal' as the type, and drag the 'Deal ID' from the trigger on the right into the 'ID' field. For 'Due Date/Time', use the notation now +2h, now +1d or even now +1d +12h +30m. See Flow XO's Date & Times article for more info on how to offset the task's due date/time.

Migrating Other Torpio Scripts

You might be able to replace your Torpio script with a Flow XO workflow. Please see the Flow XO site for more details. If Flow XO isn't suitable, you might find Webscript, Google Apps Script or Heroku good places to migrate your scripts to.

Data Deletion

All data held by Torpio will be deleted on the 15th April 2015. That includes scripts, logs, authorizations and user details. It's important that you copy any data you need to keep out of your account before the service closes on the 1st April 2015.

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